Saturday, December 10, 2016

Knitting Machine Dust Cover Tutorial Part 2

So our basic knitting machine cover is done. Now, let's do some finishing.

Step 7

Decorative stitching! Thread up your machine with your contrast thread and you're ready to go.

This step isn't really necessary but it gives the bag a bit more structure and makes it look pretty.

Give the whole cover a good iron, pressing all seams toward to zipper. Don't accidentally press your zipper if it is plastic. Learn from my fail.

First, topstitch around the bottom piece, close to the seam and stopping at the zipper. You should be sewing through three layers of fabric. The ends are a bit tricky - rearrange the fabric so it lies as flat as possible.

Next, we topstitch the seam joining the side to the zipper band. Keep the seam pressed to the zipper side and sew through three layers of fabric. Do the same to the other side.

As before, your machine might have trouble sewing over the centre seam. Just give it a gentle tug to the back while sewing.

Finally, topstitch along the edge of the zipper on both sides.

Step 8

Finally, it's time for the optional velcro tab. It's not really necessary but it prevents you grazing your knuckles on the zipper teeth (important if you have a metal zip.)

Press the 1 cm seam allowance all around and topstitch two rows of stitch, approx. 5 mm apart.

Now it's time to attach it to the cover. Fold the tab in half lengthwise and mark the middle. Fold it crosswise and mark the middle again.

Line up the markings with the zipper and the centre seam.

Pin and sew one side in a U shape. Just enough to attach the end of the tab securely.

Finally, get a 5 cm strip of velcro. Sew one side to the tab and the other to the cover.

Ta daaaa! Your knuckles are safe!

And here we have it, the finished product. Thanks for reading this far.

Just a word of warning. Please DO NOT pick up your knitting machine using only the cover. The seams are not strong enough to bear the weight you may dent or damage your precious machine. Always use the handle on the case.

I place no restrictions on the use of this pattern (but don't sell this pattern as-is on Etsy, that's not cool.) Feel free to adapt it as required. If you wish, you can sell items made using this pattern. All I ask is that you credit me as the designer or link back to my blog. Thanks!

I look forward to seeing your creations. Please link back to me or leave a link in the comments!

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