Friday, February 12, 2016

パンチカードを作ってみよう! Making your own punch cards

中古で買った編み機にはパンチカードが付いていなかったので自分で作れないかと考えました。いろいろ調べているうちに、 にたどり着きました。そこには何と!すべてのブラザー機パンチカードのスキャンがありました。やったぁ~!

パンチカードを見ると正直、どれもちょっとダサい感じで・・・ 編んでみたいと思ったのはこの模様ぐらいでした。

My second-hand knitting machine didn't come with punch cards so I did a bit of research to see if I could make them myself. I ended up at where they have scans of all of the punch card sets for Brother machines. Hooray!

Unfortunately, most of the patterns are really out of date but I managed to find one I wanted to knit.

 Here they are!

 You need the following items:

ケント紙 (100円ショップで買いました)

ブラザーパンチはなかなか手に入らないのでEbayでHandy Punch PM3(偽ブラザーパンチですからシスターパンチと名付けましょう)を購入。

Kent Paper (around 180 gsm, purchased at the 100 yen shop)
Brother Punch
A printer

Brother punches are kind of hard to find so I bought a Handy Punch PM3 on Ebay. It's an (unauthorized?) copy of the Brother Punch so I guess that would make it a Sister punch...


Cut out the punch card and get ready to start punching! But before you do, you need to make a small pinhole in each punch card hole. The Sister punch won't work unless there is a pinhole in the middle. Then it's just punch, punch, punch. It took much longer than I expected.
It was then that I realized that while the punch card holes are 4mm, the guide holes on each side are 3mm. Luckily, I found a 3mm hole punch on Amazon JP. After removing the plastic cap and turning it upside down, it was easy to make the guide holes.



I did a test knit with my new punch card. It was soooo easy! The bit where the pattern is cut off is my fault - I didn't put the card clips on properly. There were a couple of errors but that's probably due to my poor card punching skills.



I'm sure by now you're thinking that you have neither the time or the patience to make a punch card from scratch. You'll be happy to know that they sell blank punch cards on Ebay. Hooray! Next time I will try using one of these.

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