Thursday, February 4, 2016

ブラザー編み機の付属品 Brother Knitting Machine Accessories

Let's have a look at accessories included with Brother knitting machines (from the KH-891 manual)
Items with an * are required.

*糸取装置 Yarn tension unit
*編み出シ Cast-on comb
トジワイヤー Wire for cast-on comb
*補助レール Extension rails (x2)
*シートケース Knit leader sheet case
*シート Knit leader sheet
*編目スケール Gauge scales (x30)
パンチカード Punch cards (x20)
*シートガイド Knit leader sheet guide (x2)
*Lキャリジ Lace carriage
部品箱 Accessory case
*ウツシ Transfer tools (2x3, 1x3, 1x2)
*タッピ Latch tool
カギ針 Crochet hook
*模様板 Needle pusher
*カラーウェイト Claw weights (x2)
トジ針 Tapestry needle
パラフィン(ケース付き)Yarn wax (with case)
*Lポイントカム Lace point cam
*ワンポイントカム One-point cam
*カードスナップ Punch card snaps (x4)
*添え糸・アーガイル用糸口 Plating yarn feeder
手入れ油 Oil
抜き糸 Cast-on thread
編み針 Spare needles (x3)
*取付金具 Table clamps (x2)
*キャリジ止め金 Carriage Lock
手バケ Hand brush
名札 Name plate
ブラザーペン Brother marker pen

Be sure to confirm that all of the necessary accessories are included before bidding on a second-hand knitting machine.

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