Monday, July 1, 2013

Simplicity 2459 - Dress and Bodysuit - Part 2


Part 1 - The Dress - is here.
Finally, we come to the bodysuit.
I'm still a beginner when it comes to knit fabrics so I wasn't really sure if this one would work out.  Thankfully, it was fairly simple and quick to make.

Knit fabrics require a different sewing machine set-up to woven fabrics.  I use a ballpoint needle and a roller foot - it's just like a little roller skate for sewing machines!

I also use a stretch nylon thread called Resilon.  It's wonderful stuff but a little bit temperamental at times.  It is very slippery so it tangles easily and unravels at every opportunity.

After sewing the back seam, we attach the sleeves and then sew up the side seams.

It's looking more like a bodysuit now...

Next comes the collar.  The pattern has a Peter Pan collar but I just couldn't make it work.  The fabric went all wavy and it just didn't look right.

I decided to ad lib with some more georgette and a piece of binding made from the knit fabric.  I cut a strip of georgette, made a rolled hem on both sides and folded it over so that the top ruffle was about 2 cm shorter than the bottom.  I then put the fold through the overlocker to create some ruffles.

The ruffles are attached to the body with a strip of binding and voila - a very frilly neckline!

 Next, we add the leg bindings and the snaps at the bottom.  I had a bit of trouble attaching the snap tape to the bodysuit because it was so fiddly.  To solve the problem, I tacked the tape by hand and then sewed it with the machine.

And there we have it - a lovely frilly bodysuit!
The pattern requires a button and loop at the back and this tutorial from Ysolda really came in handy.

Our resident teddy fashionista, Taro, insisted on trying on the whole ensemble.

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