Friday, July 5, 2013

Vogue 7937 - Skirt

Sewing My First Skirt

 This is the first time I have ever sewed clothing for myself so bear with me!

Vogue Patterns had a sale on a few weeks ago and I just had to have some of their gorgeous patterns.  As I am new to making adult clothes, I thought I would start out with something simple like a skirt - Vogue 7937.  This one has lots of variations and I chose view B with the button tabs.  The fabric (stretch cotton/linen blend) was on sale at my favourite crafty emporium - Yuzawa-ya - so this is my 500 yen skirt!

So we begin with the cutting.  I chose a size 10 as it seemed closest to my measurements. 

There are the skirt panels...

and the skirt back and facings.

 The sewing bit starts off with the tabs.  Quick and easy.


Then we sew the front panels together with the tabs attached. The instructions didn't say anything about overlocking the pieces but I did because the fabric had started to fray.


 Next, we sew the back panels together with a nice vent at the back.
At this point, I sewed the side seams and tried it on - only to find that the skirt was at least one size too big.  I took another centimetre off each side and it fit perfectly.  I think I will cut out the size 8 next time.

And here it first-ever zip!  I ended up with some lumps and bumps but not bad for a first attempt.  Thank you, fusible webbing!

Next, the facings need to be attached.

There was a lot of hand stitching necessary to finish this skirt - hemming the bottom, attaching the facings to the zip and attaching the buttons.

And here it is - the finished product!  First from the front...

...and the back.

And the obligatory close-up!

 Thank you, Vogue Patterns.  I'll definitely be making this one again - with some more expensive fabric this time!