Thursday, May 30, 2013

Simplicity 3669 - Pajamas - Part 6

Tank Top and Shorts

And now for the final installment - the tank top and shorts.  I used to be scared of sewing knit fabrics.  Now, they only make me mildly anxious.

The pattern envelope shows an applique on the tank top so I got out my pen and paper and created a reasonable facsimile of the elephant on the fabric.  Not bad, huh?  You should see my Anpanman.

 Next I cut out the pieces and fused iron-on interfacing to the back.

Our elephant can now hear and see.

And I managed to sew it on to the tank top front without too much fuss.  First, I used an applique stitch to attach it and then I used a triple stretch stitch to do the outline.

Pa-oooooon.  (That's what elephants sound like when they're speaking Japanese.)

Now for the really fiddly bit - the shoulder straps.

 First, they need to be attached to the outside...

 ...and then folded over like bias binding to finish.  I was quite impatient to finish this project so the inside is a bit messy.

And we have a cute little tank top!  Hooray!

Here is the whole collection...


This was a great little pattern and I'll definitely make it again as it goes up to size six - maybe I'll make some flanelette pajamas for the wintertime.

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