Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Simplicity 3669 - Pajamas - Part 4

Sewing the Shirt Part Deux 

So here we go and it's time to put the collar on. I pinned, I sewed...and failed miserably.  There was an enormous hole where the shirt front wasn't properly sandwiched between the collar.  A timely reminder of the importance of tacking and the perils of late-night sewing.

"Stuff this malarkey!" I said in my best Dick Van Dyke cockney accent and decided to go for a low-tech solution: tacking by hand.  You can see my lovely red stitches below.

And it worked!  Not perfect but not too shabby, either.

 So back to the machine to put some ease stitching to the sleeves to give a lovely 3D effect.

I also decided to hem the bottom of the shirt as I was doing the sleeves anyway.  Here is where I would like to introduce one of my favourite pieces of sewing-related equipment - my iron guide.  It is made of a flexible heat-proof material.and all you do is just align the edge of your fabric with the desired hem width and fold the fabric over the iron guide with your iron.  It makes hemming almost fun...almost.

 Almost there!

Attaching the arms was surprisingly easy.  I pinned everything together and went veeeery slowly, adjusting the fabric as I went.

 Now for the buttonholes... There is a handy little buttonhole guide included with the pattern.

Add some buttons and there we have it - a rather snazzy pajama shirt.

Next up: Los Pantalones

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