Friday, August 2, 2013

McCall's 6108 - Infants' Bibs and Diaper Covers

Baby Shower Gift

My friend at work is expecting a baby at the end of the year and I decided to make something as a baby shower gift.  I was planning to knit or crochet something but then I realised - she is having her baby in Australia where it will be mid-summer.  Obviously a wooly had wouldn't be very useful.

A little Googling led me to this pattern: McCall's 6108.

I am not sure whether baby will be a boy or a girl so I decided on the frog on the bottom right.  Now for the fabric selection:

I used four different types of fabric for this project - white polka dot cotton, green cotton shirting, white double gauze and PUL (waterproof fabric). 

First up, the applique.  I am new to applique so I improvised a bit.  For the small circles, I found some similar sized objects to trace around (a 500 yen coin and the lid from my marker pen).  I also fused interfacing to the back of everything.

Everything is cut out and ready to go!

Next, the froggies' faces.  I fused everything together with some double-sided interfacing and attempted to do a zig-zag satin stitch around the edges.  I failed miserably.  After unpicking the tangled mess, I instead opted for a blanket applique stitch to attach everything.  Hope the froggies survive the wash!

The mouths are sewn with three strands of embroidery floss using a back stitch.

The pattern requires batting for the inside of the bib.  I didn't have any on hand (and I'm sure it would take ages to dry) so I used some waterproof PUL fabric instead.

I am a glutton for punishment so I made my own bias binding this time.  You need lots and lots of it - well over 3 metres for the set!  The pattern calls for 1/4 inch double fold binding but that sounds way too narrow.  I think it should be closer to 1/2 inch.

It was a bit of a hassle getting the binding on.  I really need more practice (or a binding attachment!).  As a finishing touch, I sewed on some velcro and here it is!

The front of the bib and the back of the diaper cover.

 and the reverse sides.
I'd definitely like to make this one again as a gift - once I get a bit better at attaching bias binding, that is!

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